Liberties Church of God

395 Holderness Street

Atlanta, GA 30310



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Liberties Church Of God


Liberties Church Of God is Possible


We have restoration homes free of charge 


Liberties Church of God is a non-profit corporation organized to restore the lives of those souls afflicted with drug & alcohol abuse, prostitution, gangs, and those with no home and no hope. Our Ministry teaches and preaches salvation through Jesus Christ and includes intensive pastoral counseling, Bible study, and life skills training to residents in recovery. Your prayers and donation literally save lives.

Our communities are teeming with lost souls, enslaved by illicit drugs and alcohol. As these lives spiral out of control, they are abandoned to the streets; victims and agents of crime and vice, and ultimately, death. We offer rest for the weary. One call to our help line dispatches help wherever one of God’s souls is in distress. A rescued soul can expect free room and board, in return only for a commitment to life anew in Jesus Christ. In return we offer:

  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Daily Bible Study
  • Meaningful Work within the Ministry
  • Life Skills Training
  • Job Training / GED
  • Help with Affordable Housing