Liberties Church Of God

Liberties Church of God Ministries is a residential recovery program commissioned to restore the lives of the souls affected with drugs and alcohol abuse, and those with no home and no hope.

We target men and women lost to drug addiction, alcoholism, and life in the streets.  Our goal is total restoration of lives, families, homes, and communities. Our vision is Restoration Ministries throughout our inner city America.

The ministry focuses on communities teeming with lost souls, enslaved by illicit drugs, and alcohol.  As these lives spiral out of control, they are abandoned to the streets, agents and victims of crime and vice, and ultimately death.  

We offer rest for the weary.  One call dispatches help.

Our Mission


“For they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings, as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.”   - Isaiah 40:31​

Liberties Church of God Ministries is a non-profit corporation organized to restore the lives of those souls afflicted with drug & alcohol abuse, prostitution, gangs, and those with no home and no hope. Our Ministry teaches and preaches salvation through Jesus Christ and includes intensive pastoral counseling, Bible study, and life skills training to residents in recovery. Your prayers and donations literally save lives.  

A rescued soul can expect free room and board, in return only for a commitment to life anew in Jesus Christ. We also offer the rescued soul,  pastoral counseling, daily Bible study, meaningful work within the ministry, life skills training, job training / GED, and help with affordable housing

By the grace of God and the faith based efforts and works of Pastor Vincent Jones and the support of his wife First Lady Tammi; Liberties Church of God was established in 2006. 


Who We Are

  1. Come

    If you have family problems with drugs or alcohol, first call on Jesus, then call us.

  2. Volunteer

    Meaningful work within the with the ministry.

  3. Donate
    We accept any donation type: cash, checks, credit card, cars, homes, etc...